3 Week Diet - Diets That Work Fast!

Last January, one of my personal training clients asked me if there were any 3 Week Diet systems that effectively work? Although I never have been a big fan of crash diets, this client had trouble sticking to conventional diets, and needed to lose weight fast!

So, I began researching every crash diet I could find. Most of my research was done online, however, I did manage to conduct phone interviews with several individuals who had created 3 Week Diet.

Read on to find out what I discovered.

The Basics of 3 Week Diet

Exactly What is a Crash Diet?

Crash diets are extreme measures that generally limit your intake of overall calories, as well as calories from specific food groups.

For example, several years ago, the "Stillman Water Diet", was quite popular. The diet consisted of unlimited portions of pure protein. Foods such as beef, chicken, eggs etc. could be freely consumed.

While on the diet, it is imperative for dieters to consume at least 8 full glasses of water daily.

The "Stillman Water Diet" is certainly one of the 3 Week Diet, as the weight loss experienced by most dieters is quite rapid.

A couple of important considerations for 3 Week diets

·         3 Week diets are intended to be TEMPORARY diets, not long term diets.

·         Consult a physician before going on a 3 Week diet.

And, lastly, even if you are participating in one of the 3 Week Diet, measures must be taken to make sure the weight loss is maintained.

The Advantages of 3 Week Diet

Why Are 3 Week Diets So Popular?

3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt is popular for a variety of reasons:

·         They are particularly attractive to individuals who find it nearly impossible to stick to more conventional diet programs, such as Weight Watchers.

·         "Mainstream" diet programs generally promote gradual weight loss. Many dieters are not sufficiently motivated by slow weight loss, and will not stick to diets that don't produce fast results.

·         Frequently, 3 Week Diet require little in the way of meal preparation.

·         This feature is particularly popular for dieters with excessively busy lifestyles. Often, an individual's job may make meal planning and preparation nearly impossible.

·         3 Week diet system frequently limit food choices, and may focus on a particular food group. This feature can make it easier for busy people to adhere to them.

3 Week Diet - My Conclusion

Some Final Thoughts On 3 Week Diets

When I use the term 3 Week Diet, I am referring to the ability to successfully lose weight.

And I did find several crash diets where individuals were losing weight quite rapidly. If you have tried several "mainstream" diet programs without success, crash diets may be worth a try.

Remember, check with your physician before starting any diet.

The key element is to begin your program now. Nobody has ever lost any weight by only "thinking about it."


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